5 Reasons to use i2m
You can beat the odds!
Did you know two out of three start-ups fail within three years? The main reason is always a lack of essential research at the very beginning. By using i2m you can avoid making the same mistake!
Get access to key information.
Donít waste your internet time looking in the wrong places. With i2m you get directed straight to the important information you need. Information on your competitors, market trends, pricing models and your customers needs is right at your fingertips!
Get to know your stuff.
We all know preparation is the key to success. i2m will tell you the questions that EVERYONE, from your bank manager to friends and family, will ask: What should your product cost? Who is it for? Why is it better? ...and then provide simple tools to prepare winning answers.
Time is money. Money is money!
i2m guides you through all the necessary business steps without wasting a minute of your time. Remember, this is for less than the cost of AN HOUR of any respecting lawyers time, so surely it is worth it.
Start now!
Donít put it off any longer; you donít want to be the one thinking ďthat was my idea!Ē TAKE ACTION NOW. What are you waiting for?

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