i2m Case Studies
Case Study 1: i2m ensures Dasuni stays ahead of the competition.

Dasuni are a small business that provides a range of high quality IT services to a variety of clients. Their managing director was seeking to establish a niche area in which to focus the business, and used the resources provided in i2m to identify growing trends as well as national and regional statistics for key customer groups. A direct result of using i2m was the creation of an Elevator Pitch that he now uses to describe his services in selling situations.

"In my work it pays to do your research and know the latest trends in technology. i2m showed me exactly where to go to find this information and I now completely rely on it to stay of the pack"

David Shattu, Dasuni: IT Support Company

Case Study 2: Would-be entrepreneur looks before he leaps with i2m.

Andrew was seeking to develop an idea for a new health food business along side his day job. Market research using the resources provided by the i2m, meant that he very quickly identified some local and established competitors doing something identical. This information helped him make the decision not to leave his job just yet and to focus his efforts on other opportunities.

"I have lots of ideas, but never quite know what to do about them. i2m is fantastic because now I can get all my thoughts out of my head (I can sleep at last!) and into a structured format. From there I can decide which ideas I want to spend time on and which are wasting my energy"

Andrew Mark, health nutrition concept


"A miracle cure for the millions or so people with a nagging business idea constantly rattling around inside their head."

Microsoft Small Business Centre

"Helps carry out that critical market research before taking the leap and investing time, money and effort in making ideas a reality."

UK Patent Libraries

"i2m's strength is in forcing inventors to look at the commercial viability of their ideas and not just the technical feasibility, helping them develop an outward facing perspective to their ideas and therefore enhancing their chances of success"

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